livro de carne

What I look for is contact with reality in its totalily, everything that is rejected, everything that is set aside because of its contentious character. A contesting which encloses a ra-dical reali-ty, because this reality exists, despite being dissimulated through symbols. In my work, things are not indicated (represented), but rather lived, and it is necessary to dive into one, toto/ manipulate it. And that is diving into yourself. The work has its own life because it belongs to all of us, because it is our everyday reality, and it is at this point that I give up my categorization as “artist”, because I no longer am. Nor do I need any other label and that, obviously, extends to the work. It cannot be labeled because it does not need to be, nor are there any other words that can categorize it, because it happens that everything and nothing have lost their sense of being.
artur barrio

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